General Environmental Indicator Links


1998 Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) State Fact Sheets Report

Core Performance Measures FY 2000 agreed upon by EPA and the States

State Environmental Goals and Indicators Activity

Summaries of State Environmental Indicator Initiatives with Completed Reports

Commercial or Non-Profit Groups

Consultative Group on Sustainable Development Indicators

The Fraser Institute Primary Environmental Indicators

Green Mountain Institute for Environmental Democracy, links to conceptual information and indicator projects

Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy, Index of Leading Environmental Indicators 2001

Sustainable Measures


A Guidebook to Environmental Indicators, Australia Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization

Australia's and New Zealand's Core Environmental Indicators for Reporting on the State of the Environment, 2000

Canada National Environmental Indicator Series, 2000

Canada Regional Environmental Indicators, 2000

Canada 1996 State of the Environment Report

China State of the Environment Report, 1997

Cities Environmental Reports on the Internet (CEROI), 2000 *Contains links to international city reports and information on their core and expanded indicators for cities.

European Center for Nature Conservation:  Environmental Indicators for Sustainable Agriculture (ELISA)

European Union:  Towards Environmental Pressure Indicators, 1999

European Union: Urban Audit Assessing the Quality of Life in European Cities *33 indicators that were developed for intercity comparison of urban quality of life.

England and Wales State of the Environment Indicators, 2001

France Environmental Performance Indicators, 1996-1997 *Available only in French.

Netherlands Measuring Environmental Progress, 2000

New Zealand Environmental Performance Indicators, 2000

Norway's 1998 State of the Environment

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Environmental Indicator Publications, 1993-1999

OECD's Core Environmental Indicator Document, 1993

Swedish Environmental Advisory Council Brochure of 12 Indicators, 1999

United Nations Environment Programme, Global Environment Outlook 2000

U.S.- Mexico Border Environmental Indicators 1997

Western Europe State of the Environment Reports *Click on individual countries to access country environmental  reports.

World Bank:  Country Assistance Strategies and the Environment Indicators

World Bank:  Indicators on the Web

World Economic Form Pilot Environmental Sustainability Index, 2000

World Health Organization Environmental Health Indicators: Framework and Methodologies, 1999 *Indicators, Framework and Methodologies that examine the link between environmental conditions and Human Health.

World Resources Institute:  Trends and Indicators